Final Theory of Physics

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The Whole Universe on Your Chest
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Support research – buy God's favourite T-shirt, describing all of nature!

The final theory of physics should fit on a T-shirt. Here it is. For a better view, click on the image to open a new window:

Grey T-Shirt Image-White T-Shirt Image

The text reads: "... and there were motion and colours, black holes and quantum particles, life and us all." The drawing and formulae specify a candidate for the final, unified theory of nature. It is called the strand model, and the T-shirt shows its fundamental principle. The model explains all issues of fundamental physics, including these:

All colours in nature derive from the fine structure constant 1/137.035 999 1(1), the most famous unexplained number in nature. What determines this number?

All matter in nature is is made of elementary particles that interact. What determines the types of particles, their properties and their interactions?

All motion in nature is described either by quantum theory or by Einstein's general relativity, two theories that contradict each other. How can they be unified in a final theory?

The drawing on the T-shirt answers these questions, as told in the sixth volume of this book series. Witnesses confirm: the T-shirt is identical to God's favourite T-shirt. God likes it because all of nature - the whole creation - is described on it, including the standard model of particle physics with all its constants, general relativity and cosmology. The fundamental principle illustrated on the T-shirt contains all about the universe, motion and life. 5 Euro of the T-shirt price go to the research project behind it. Enjoy!

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